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supa is by very nature a command-line utility, but nevertheless as an old danish proverb goes: »a picture is worth a thousand words«, so below is served up some "screenshots" with comments.
(Try and see how the various pieces of information, by intention, leaves an easy to follow trail,  of what took place)

Some of the screen-information from a patchrun.
(Notice the informative feedback from the ksh-functions)
The naming convention, is designed to make informative greps a litle easier.
Below is a highlevel example of information that's easily "grep'able"

(example above assumes STDOUT was put in a file, which is possible with if further wrapped with for example srun)

Cleaning up with good old zip.
The 9 zipfiles takes up only 678Kb, instead of 15Mb, if the 174 files was still alowed to litter the filesystem.
(Well if you actually let adpatch litter, then in this example it's "only" 118 files, because files like 'adwork01.log' keeps growing by appending. But that's real messy...)
Info: supa was designed to deal with thousands of files to be zipped.
If you have ever applied a Maintenance Pack, you would know what I mean....

Looking inside a zipfile from a patchrun.